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Pianist, Julia Rhee

Julia Rhee, an accomplished musician, and accompanist, has demonstrated exceptional dedication and talent throughout her career.
From her academic achievements to her extensive performance experience, Julia’s musical journey is one filled with noteworthy accomplishments.

Julia’s journey in music began with her academic pursuits. After graduating from the prestigious Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University, Julia attained both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in piano performance. Her education not only equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of her craft, but it also provided her with the necessary foundation to excel as a performer, private teacher, and accompanist.

For over two decades, Julia has served as an accompanist for Sarang Community Church. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to this role have enriched the worship experience for the congregation, showcasing her versatility and skill as an accompanist.

Julia has performed with numerous orchestras and in solo concerts across various cities, including Colorado, Chicago, Detroit, Georgia, and California. These performances have not only allowed her to showcase her technical abilities but have also served as a platform for personal artistic expression.

Julia also served as the accompanist for the women's ensemble choir on concert tours in Germany and Poland. This experience allowed her to collaborate with talented vocalists and further develop her skills as an accompanist.

Julia’s influence and mentorship have been instrumental in shaping the musical journeys of her students. Her commitment to their growth and development is evident through the admissions of her students to renowned universities such as Cornell University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Biola University, etc.
Julia’s guidance and instruction have undoubtedly contributed to their success, showcasing her ability to nurture talent and cultivate a passion for music.

In addition to her accomplishments as an accompanist and performer, Julia has expanded her musical reach through various roles. She has earned a Master's Degree in Music Therapy from Drexel University College of Medicine, highlighting her commitment to using music as a therapeutic tool. Moreover, her involvement as a pianist with the Shekinah Chamber Ensemble further demonstrates her versatility and dedication to collaborative musical endeavors.

Julia’s musical journey is an embodiment of dedication, talent, and versatility. From her educational background to her extensive performance experience, she has left an indelible mark on the music community. Julia’s accomplishments as an accompanist, teacher, and performer exemplify her multifaceted nature and commitment to the art form. As she continues to inspire and nurture musical talents, her influence will undoubtedly resonate in the hearts and minds of those she encounters.

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