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Why Join Choir at Foothill?

How to Join?

  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Open Mic Night
  • Travel Opportunities
  • College and University admission
  • Mental Health
  • Knights on Broadway
  • Fun!
  • Hang out with your friends!
  • Disneyland
  • Talk to your FHS counselor
  • Select choir on your registration form
  • No audition is required for Bass Choir and Concert Choir
  • Auditions will be in the spring for Advanced Treble Ensemble and Madrigal Singers


Choir  goes on an annual tour in the spring! Our tours have taken us all over the country to places such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, and Nashville. Travel has been a thrilling part of singing together and is a perk of being in such an exceptional group. In addition to performing in world class venues we do adventerous activities like zip lining through a forest at night in Nashville, climbing a high ropes course in San Luis Opbisbo, and scenic hikes in the mountains.

Madrigals at the Met 2017.JPG
Madrigals in Times Square 2017.JPG
FHS Madrigal Choir 517 Camp 20131013.JPG

Concerts and Festivals

The Met in NY
Hearst Castle- San Simeone, Ca
The Santa Barabara Mission
Zip lining in San Luis Obispo
Camping at Heartland
Times Square in NY

Performing is the highlight of learning music! All four choirs perform in three traditional performances over the course of the year; Fall Concert, Winter Concert, and Spring Concert. Additionally, the entire program takes part in our theater show "Knights on Broadway". Students put on a full fledged musical review complete with costumes and choreography. The run of the Knights Shows is often described by our students as their favorite time of the year! Futhermore, each choir takes part in performing at choral festivals and choral exchanges. This is where Foothill choirs meet other high school and college choirs in the area and get to hear several groups perform as well as perform themselves! Lastly, students in choir are afforded several extra performance opportunities such as Open Mic Night and the Fall Enderle Center performance. Here students can sing solos, duets and small group numbers for our local community.

Madrigals at USC Festival 2017.JPG
Mads in Carnegie 1.JPG
Students perform at the Enderle Center
Students perform at Open Mic Night
Choir Festival at USC
Festival of Gold Performance at Carnegie Hall, NY

College and University

Participating in a performing art looks excellent on student transcripts! Colleges and universities are looking for well rounded individuals who are active in student life and the arts. Moreover, students who study music achieve higher scores on standardized tests, develop higher IQs, achieve enhanced language development, and find themselves excelling in majors such as architecture, engineering, and the sciences. Studies show that music education develops a spacial intelligence that facilitates problem solving skills. Because of this, many universities now have a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Pre-Med degree. Universities acknowledge the importance of music education and weigh it heavily in determining school admission. Students who become advanced in the vocal arts have opportunities to earn scholarships and internships at institutions and their abilities will set them apart from the rest.  All four choirs at Foothill satisfy the "G" category of the A-G college requirements for UCs and Cal States. 

Students in choir visit several college campuses throughout the year and take tours!
Knights on Broadway Practice.jpg


Take part in fun and exciting events such as-
Disney Performing Arts Workshop
Dickens Carolers
Knights on Broadway
Open Mic Knights

Topics of Study

Mental Health

A recent study commissioned by BBC Arts (2020) found that taking part in creating activities such as making music, regardless of skill level, helps with managing emotions, building confidence and exploring solutions to problems.
MUSIC participation serves as a:
* distraction tool-  helps students avoid stress
* contemplation tool- makes room for the mental space to              reflect and be mindful
* self-development tool- to build one's self-esteem and                   confidence.

The choral program at Foothill is a community of people who support and encourage one another. Being a part of the Foothill Choir Family gives each student a sense of belonging and importance. Each student is valued and heard as we rehearse, perform, and have fun together!

Helping the Community

The Footill Choirs participate in several community events to bring music and smiles to the people of Tustin. Performing in our community affords our students the opportunity to give back and help others who are in need. One of our favorite events is singing at the Health Bridge Children's Hospital every winter. When possible, we volunteer to sing at dialysis centers and senior care programs.
  • Music Theory
  • Music History
  • Vocal Pedegogy
  • Sight Reading
  • Stage presentation
  • Audition preparation
  • Resume building
  • Diction for singers
  • Vocal strength and preservation
  • Movement for singers
  • Breath support

Skills Students Build

Introduction to Choir Video

  • Confidence
  • Collaborative artistry
  • Stage presence
  • Healthy vocal technique
  • Breathing for singers
  • Projection
  • Acting for singers
  • Breath support
  • Reading music
  • Aural skills
  • Vowel formations
  • Continuity in tone
  • Expanded vocal range
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